VMware and Kubernetes. Join the presentation on March 10-11…

VMware and Kubernetes. Tune in March 10-11 for VMware’s online launch event VMware and Kubernetes. Join us on March 10-11… Join VMware executives at the Application Modernization Event as they outline a clear path for accelerating the delivery of modern applications in a multi-cloud world. Add to Calendar. VMware Social Media Advocacy

Unable to add Storage System from the VSC plugin

After deploying the VSC appliance it was not possible to add a Storage System. The IP or FQDN is simply not recognized, hence the red warning with exclamation at “Name or IP address” I could not explain this as for the VSC application was deployed correctly within vCenter with all the services running in the appliance Further more:… Read More »

Upgrade NetApp Ontapp 9.4 to 9.5

We will start with generating an Upgrade Plan through the Upgrade Advisor. Login to your NetApp support account and go to Tools > ActiveIQ Then choose Upgrade Advisor Here you can select the Customer/Site Name > NEXT Select the systems you want to upgrade > NEXT The upgrade advisor will now generate the recommended version to upgrade to… Read More »

VUM: Cannot update ESXi host after vCenter 6.7 Upgrade

We updated our vCenters (3 of them) to version 6.7 but after the update there were problems with upgrading our ESXi nodes. It turns out that once you’re on 6.7 you cannot update your ESXi nodes to a “lesser” version through the Update Manager, which was 6.5 in our case. But since I was half way through the… Read More »

Critical: “Host hardware system board status”

ESXi host has critical error message: In the Hardware Health section you see: This is because the System event log is full, this has no impact on the corresponding blade, it’s just that new logs are not being logged because it is full. To resolve this issue you need to clear the logs in the CIMC for the… Read More »

vSphere Host Profiles: “Number of network stack instances don’t match”

So I encountered these errors while configuring some of our ESXi nodes in the test cluster. The accompanied error message is: ” “Host is not in compliance with the attached profile” After a search on the web I came across the blog of vMBaggum which led to the solution.To solve this problem open an SSH connection to a… Read More »