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vSphere 7 – Storage vMotion Improvements

vSphere 7 – Storage vMotion Improvements The vMotion feature is heavily updated in vSphere 7, resulting in faster live-migrations while drastically lowering the guest performance impact during the vMotion process together with a far more efficient way of switching over the virtual machine (VM) between the source and destination ESXi […] VMware Social Media Advocacy

Unable to add Storage System from the VSC plugin

After deploying the VSC appliance it was not possible to add a Storage System. The IP or FQDN is simply not recognized, hence the red warning with exclamation at “Name or IP address” I could not explain this as for the VSC application was deployed correctly within vCenter with all the services running in the appliance Further more:… Read More »

Upgrade NetApp Ontapp 9.4 to 9.5

We will start with generating an Upgrade Plan through the Upgrade Advisor. Login to your NetApp support account and go to Tools > ActiveIQ Then choose Upgrade Advisor Here you can select the Customer/Site Name > NEXT Select the systems you want to upgrade > NEXT The upgrade advisor will now generate the recommended version to upgrade to… Read More »

Installing and configuring Virtual Storage Console (VSC) 9.6

I was implementing the VSC application from NetApp in our test environment, the below steps outlines the preparation, installation and configuration of the Virtual Storage Console version 9.6. Inventory (Version Control)