Upgrade NetApp Ontapp 9.4 to 9.5

We will start with generating an Upgrade Plan through the Upgrade Advisor.

Login to your NetApp support account and go to Tools > ActiveIQ

Then choose Upgrade Advisor

Here you can select the Customer/Site Name > NEXT

Select the systems you want to upgrade > NEXT

The upgrade advisor will now generate the recommended version to upgrade to > NEXT

Four checkboxes are presented on this screen, the 1st is ANDU > Automated Non-Disrupted Upgrade which is checked by default and also the recommended upgrade method. There is no downtime involved with this method.

  • Make DU where allowed > This involves a disruptive upgrade plan and is not recommended
  • Include HA Partner
  • Revert Plan > Also checked by default. Whether a Revert plan is to be included for rollback scenarios
  • The drop down boxes which are greyed out can be ignored safely

If more then one node had been selected previously then Upgrade Advisor forces you to have the update plan emailed to you (in PDF or Excel format to your choosing).

If more than one node or HA Pair is selected you will now get an email with instructions on the upgrade. If else the instructions will be presented on the screen with an option to export it to PDF or Excel.


Other Preperations

  • Read the Release Notes:


  • Run a check through the Interoperability Matrix, here:


  • To find out if there are new firmware versions available for the respective diskdrive, go to the following support site:


Log into Clustered Ontap through SSH to check the following info

Check disk firmware:

na-cl-your-netapp::> storage disk show -physical
Disk             Type    Vendor   Model                Revision     RPM     BPS
---------------- ------- -------- -------------------- -------- ------- -------

1.0.0            SSD     NETAPP   X356_S163A3T8ATE     NA01           -     520
                 SerialNumber: S39.............
1.0.1            SSD     NETAPP   X356_S163A3T8ATE     NA01           -     520
                 SerialNumber: S39.............
1.0.2            SSD     NETAPP   X356_S163A3T8ATE     NA01           -     520

Copy the Type info, in our case it is the X356_S163A3T8ATE onto the site  and check if there are new revisions available

Go to the fourth column (Firmware Rev.) in that row (highlighted in yellow) and that will be the latest version firmware for that disk. If your version matches the latest version, there is no need to upgrade. In case the disk firmware version is not the latest, continue with the steps below.

Click the link in the Firmware Rev. column to obtain download instructions.

Preperation before the Upgrade (CMD line interface)

Upload the package into the inventory (source location IIS web dir)

your-netapp::> cluster image package get -url "http://servername/(filedir)95P9_q_image.tgz"

cluster image validate -version *package_version_number*

you-netapp::> cluster image validate -version 9.5P9
It can take several minutes to complete validation...

cluster image package show-repository

your-netapp::> cluster image package show-repository
Package Version  Package Build Time
---------------- ------------------
9.4P6            2/22/2019 10:43:14
9.5P9            10/28/2019 10:18:10
2 entries were displayed.

Start the Snapmirror update (For our internal use)

your-netapp::> snapmirror update *

Monitor the progress of the transfer

your-netapp::> snapmirror show -status Transferring -fields snapshot-progress, total-progress, total-transfer-time-secs
your-netapp::> snapmirror show-history -fields start-time , end-time , transfer-size

Quiesce the snapmirror

your-netapp::> snapmirror quiesce *

Check the CPU performance

node run -node *your-netapp* -command sysstat -c 30 -x 1

Check for any running/queued jobs

job show
job delete -id job_id
job show


autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "MAINT=3h Starting_NDU"

Start console via System Console

sp show

Before you begin the update, don’t forget to put the corresponding systems in scheduled downtime in your monitoring application

Update Proces

cluster image validate -version 9.5P9
cluster image update -version 9.5P9 -estimate-only

The Installation

cluster image update -version 9.5P9
your-netapp::> cluster image show-update-progress

                                             Estimated         Elapsed
Update Phase         Status                   Duration        Duration
-------------------- ----------------- --------------- ---------------
Pre-update checks    completed                00:10:00        00:00:22
Data ONTAP updates   in-progress              01:17:00        00:08:09


Node name            Status            Status Description
-------------------- ----------------- --------------------------------------
na02-kn-alm-01       waiting
na02-kn-alm-02       in-progress       Waiting for clients to stabilize
                                       after takeover.
7 entries were displayed.

Update completed

your-netapp::> cluster image show-update-progress

                                             Estimated         Elapsed
Update Phase         Status                   Duration        Duration
-------------------- ----------------- --------------- ---------------
Pre-update checks    completed                00:10:00        00:00:22
Data ONTAP updates   completed                01:17:00        00:43:50
Post-update checks   completed                00:10:00        00:00:00
3 entries were displayed.

Updated nodes: your-netapp-node-01, your-netapp-node-02.

End the maintenance period

your-netapp::> autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "MAINT=END Finishing_NDU"
The AutoSupport was successfully invoked on node "your-netapp-node--01" (sequence number: 2368).
The AutoSupport was successfully invoked on node "your-netapp-node-02" (sequence number: 2378).
2 entries were acted on.

Now start the snapmirror proces

your-netapp::> snapmirror resume *
your-netapp::> snapmirror update *