Enable MOB Service

When trying to reach the MOB service you get the below error message: 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [N7Vmacore4Http20NamedPipeServiceSpecE:0x04e027b8] _serverNamespace = /mob action = Allow _pipeName =/var/run/vmware/proxy-mob) By default the MOB service is disabled. You can enable this service in the vCenter inventory by selecting the ESXi host, go to “System” —> “Advanced System Settings”… Read More »

PowerCLI “Oneliners”

Get ESXi hosts versioning: List VM’s and host details The other day there were some issues with the storage system of our management environment at our secondary site and we had to do some onsite troubleshooting. As a precaution we turned off the running VM’s, before doing this we wanted to know where the VM’s resides on which… Read More »

Fix issue with viewing Update Manager “Class Loader…”

When selecting the Updatemanager through the vSphere Web-client you get the below error message message: “interface com.vmware.vim.binding.integrity.VcIntegrity is not visible from class loader” vCenter & ESXi version: 6.5U2 / ESXi 6.0 Several attempts in trying to solve the problem were: Restarting the VUM services Restarting vCenter services Reference: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2109887 We really didn’t want to restart the vCenter services… Read More »

Installing and configuring Virtual Storage Console (VSC) 9.6

I was implementing the VSC application from NetApp in our test environment, the below steps outlines the preparation, installation and configuration of the Virtual Storage Console version 9.6. Inventory (Version Control)

Increase the size of the /dev/mapper/centos_centos7-root

From our monitoring we received a disk full alert for our configuration backup server, which is a CentOS VM. Nagios XI Alert This is an escalated notification Type: PROBLEM Servicecheck:/ Disk Usage Hostname: *CentOS_Server* State: WARNING service_output: /: 95%used(25740MB/27091MB) (95%) : WARNING service_long_output: So we needed to increase the size of this volume. In our case the volume… Read More »

Upgrade vCenter from 6.0 to 6.7U2

Here’s a guide on how to upgrade your vCenter to version 6.7 Update 2 Preperation Before you start the upgrade it is recommended that you assess the following: vCenter 6.7U2 Release notes vCenter 6.7U2 What’s New VMware Compatibility Guide (HCL) VMware Product Interoperability Matrix Check if all the components and their software level within the vSphere infrastructure are… Read More »