Fix issue with viewing Update Manager “Class Loader…”

When selecting the Updatemanager through the vSphere Web-client you get the below error message message:

“interface com.vmware.vim.binding.integrity.VcIntegrity is not visible from class loader”

vCenter & ESXi version: 6.5U2 / ESXi 6.0

Several attempts in trying to solve the problem were:

  • Restarting the VUM services
  • Restarting vCenter services


We really didn’t want to restart the vCenter services as for this can be a hassle (no management plane) but for troubleshooting purposes we needed to exclude this as a possible cause.

Eventually I stumbled upon this KB article which was the solution for us:

The following steps were taken to solve the problem:

Ensure that required time-zone is configured for VCSA through VAMI page.
Reset the serenity database on the vCenter using the steps below: Note: Take a snapshot of the vCenter before reset.

(a) Login to the appliance using SSH

(b) Run this command to stop the vSphere Web Client service:

root@vcenter [ / ]# service-control --stop vsphere-client

(c) cd into the serenity folder and find your username:

root@vcenter [ /storage/vsphere-client/SerenityDB/serenity ]# ls

(d) Delete your “profile”:

# rm -rf /storage/vsphere-client/SerenityDB/serenity/"Username"

(e) Run this command to start the web client service:

root@vcenter [ / ]# service-control --start vsphere-client

After this you would be able to view the Update Manager again through the Web GUI.