Unable to add Storage System from the VSC plugin

By | November 25, 2019

After deploying the VSC appliance it was not possible to add a Storage System. The IP or FQDN is simply not recognized, hence the red warning with exclamation at “Name or IP address”

I could not explain this as for the VSC application was deployed correctly within vCenter with all the services running in the appliance

Further more:

  • The network settings are setup correctly (successful configuration walkthrough during VSC appliance deployment)
  • All the necessary services are started (pre-requisite for a successful deployment)
  • IP/FQDN added to DNS in the corresponding domain
  • Communication is allowed for the necessary ports in the firewall (80, 443, 8143, 8043)
  • IP of the VSC is reachable from the VCSA appliance and vice versa (ping)
  • Compatibility between the different components checked and everything is supported

Next step was to analyze the log files from the appliance and the control panel:

Almost right away the following message appeared (1st line):

So I decided to unregister the VSC and VASA Provider extentsions from vCenter and to remove the UI extentions from vSphere. Maybe it has something to do with the plug-ins in vCenter

Unregister VSC and VASA Provider extionsions from vCenter through VMWare’s MOB

Go to https://”Your-vCenter”/mob and use admin credentials to log in

Go to > Content

Select “ExtensionManager”

Select “UnregisterExtension”

A new windows appears

Use the following string to remove the VASA Provider: com.netapp.vasa.vvol.webclient and select > Invoke Method

Do the same for the following plug-ins

  • com.netapp.nvpf
  • com.netapp.vsch5
  • com.netapp.nvpf.webclient

Close the UnregisterExtension window and refresh the “ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager” window. Check whether the plug-ins are removed from the extension list

Now perform the following steps in VCSA

Now I did a “Rediscover All” and the Storage System was there!

Now go to Actions > Modify to validate the credentials. Make sure that you use a test account for this purpose

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